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Training and tests for electricians across the partnership countries

  • Date: martes, 09 de mayo de 2017

The 2nd transnational and training course of Safety4el project took place in Nicosia. Safety4el meeting started with mapping differences in between countries regulations governing the safety training for electricians as well as differences between electrical installations.

For example, some earthlings in most domestic electrical installations are based on TT systems in Denmark, on the contrary, in Spain is only in the TN-S scheme the neutral conductor and the protection are different in the whole scheme.

The college teams were developing a web-based OER (Open Educational Resource) containing multimedia rich interactive materials and cases for training Risk Assessment and a questions on safety for electricians and other workers in the construction industry. The first versions of the project questions are now available in English, Danish, Greek, Maltese and Spanish.

More information on the Project website: http://www.safety4el.net


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