Commitment to quality

Through the path of quality to excellence

Our school is committed to implementing a Total Quality Management System based upon the European Foundation for Quality Management?s model (EFQM) as a way of assessing continuous improvement.

Since 2001, our Centre has a Diploma in Commitment with Excellence, granted by The Basque Foundation for Quality (Euskalit), which has as a goal recognising those Basque organizations that follow the EFQM model as a reference frame for the improvement of their management, and that have commited themselves to make progress towards Total Quality/Excellence.

Such a commitment has been carried out in the consecutive years. In April 2003, we obtained the Silver Q-Basque Award to Management Quality- and, in December 2005, the Golden Q-Basque Award to Management Quality-, an award obtained at that moment only by 25 organisations in the Basque Country.

This way, Politeknika Ikastegia Txorierri comes again to be the first Professional Training centre in Bizkaia reaching both acknowledgements, showing likewise having reached an advanced level in their management performances.

The application of the EFQM model allows us to establish improvement actions in the following fields:

  • Evaluation of our customer satisfaction level (students, families, companies).
  • Evaluation of our staff satisfaction level.
  • School management using a process-based methodology.
  • Definition, implementation and monitoring of our policy and strategy.
  • The use of results indicators as tools for measuring objectives.
  • A commitment to our local social and economic environment.
  • Improving the efficiency of our human and technological resources.