Quality, Environmental Protection and Health and Safety Policy

politeknikaPoliteknika Ikastegia Txorierri prioritises client satisfaction and is aware of the importance of maintaining and upgrading QUALITY, ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION and HEALTH AND SAFETY practices.

To do so, Politeknika Ikastegia Txorierri:

  • It is committed to integrating the Sustainable Development Goals into its strategy (deployed in the annual management plans), through the 2030 Agenda as an institution and its participation in the 2030 School Agenda.
  • Promotes the Quality Management of the service it offers, Environmental Protection and the Health and Safety of its staff, progressively promoting the necessary training and involvement, consulting, informing and training staff and students, encouraging their behavior in the school to be in accordance with the fundamentals of pollution prevention and prevention of occupational accidents.
  • It guarantees the continuous improvement of its Environmental Management, through the implementation and maintenance of an Environmental Management System appropriate to the nature, magnitude and environmental impacts of its activities and services in order to improve its environmental performance.
  • It carries out its activity ensuring the Safety and Prevention of damage to the health of the school’s staff, as well as other interested parties, committing itself to the continuous improvement of working conditions.
  • Establishes and reviews environmental Objectives, monitoring them, to prevent or reduce, whenever possible, the impacts associated with Significant Environmental Aspects and the prevention of pollution; Objectives and goals are also established in Quality and in Occupational Health and Safety that can be reviewed to develop our preventive and management activity at the school.
  • Promotes the development of any action that involves Environmental Prevention, Protection and Conservation, encouraging the application of environmental sustainability criteria among staff and students, making efficient use of resources, minimizing waste generation and conducting proper management of the same and avoiding adverse environmental impacts, in order to have an environmentally sustainable behavior.
  • It extends to the entire organization the conviction that safety at work is a responsibility common to all staff and students.
  • Has the necessary means to comply with the applicable Legislation and Regulation and other Requirements, in matters of Quality, Environment and Prevention of Occupational Risks.
  • It undertakes that this policy is documented, implemented, kept up to date and communicated to all its staff and students and is available to interested parties.

The Management team in Politeknika Ikastegia Txorierri will revise this policy regularly to ensure that it is being followed appropriately and will propose further aims and objectives to address, with the objective of improving the Management system. It will provide the necessary means to do so.