Global Training: ready to go!

Two groups of Basque Global Training interns, enthusiastic and determined to grow and refine their professional and personal skills, have just completed a 50 h´ training course at Politeknika Txorierri as part of their preparation for their upcoming 6-month GLOBAL TRAINING experience.

Each year, Politeknika Txorierri organises and provides a series of 6-7 day training courses for the 60 interns selected annually by the HETEL- Politeknika Txorierri-Confebask-ADEGI consortium as part of the GLOBAL TRAINING programme financed by the Basque Dept. of Economic Development and Infrastructures. Selected interns spend 6 months developing their professional skills in an international company or organisation.

In the GT preparatory courses the participants get to know each other and importantly explore and get to know themselves better. They learn how to develop their strengths and work with limitations, establish objectives, cultivate helpful attitudes and the capacity for self-regulation, develop their personal competences and critical thinking … all essential for their growth and wellbeing. These skills are especially important for the participants at this particular moment as they face the challenges of integrating into another culture and professional environment. In many cases the GLOBAL TRAINING internship is their first professional experience.

In an open, informal context, the participants interact and share experiences and develop their competences in a practical way. The invites the interns to take a closer look at the characteristics of the most relevant competence profiles and to consciously initiate or further develop their self-leadership. Competences covered include: attitude, socio- emotional intelligence, the advantages of intelligent optimism, self-confidence, proactivity and initiative, self-motivation and performance, resilience, adaptability, creativity and problem solving, communication and the assertive mindset, intercultural competence and the intricacy of communication skills in multicultural environments, teamwork and conflict resolution… The courses are given in English for the interns to also practice their language skills.

The two courses just completed have hosted some exceptional young people from a wide range of professional profiles and going to work in an equally wide variety of sectors and countries. The participants from all over the Basque Country include, engineers (chemical industrial and IT), maintenance, production and design technicians, graphic and web designers, marketing graduates, teachers, journalists, architects, lawyers… and are destined to countries such as Chile, Indonesia, UK, Ireland, the U.S, Belgium, France, Portugal, the Netherlands, Czech Republic, Greece, Austria, Italy…

Some interns have already arrived at their destinations and others are preparing to leave shortly. It´s time to activate confidence and all their skills and talents. As usual from Politeknika Txorierri we wish them all the best for this amazing adventure.

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