Xabier Ugarte held a webinar on December 16th to share the INCOBOTICS Module and Guide. This event was organised by TKNIKA, the Basque H/VET Applied Research Centre and Politeknika Txorierri was given the chance to organise a workshop to inform about the project. There were 75 attendants from TKNIKA and from H/VET schools in IKASLAN and HETEL networks of Basque VET/HVET centers.

Xabier had the opportunity to present the INCOBOTICS Module and the 3 units within this module. He showed the participants the video in unit 1 that explains the evolution of Industry 4.0 towards 5.0 and the concept of cobotics. It also covers the issues facing the integration of cobots such as safety, productivity and efficiency. Furthermore, the video presents the different types and areas of use of collaborative robots, the main brand of collaborative robots and their characteristics. The next part of Unit 1 covers the basic characteristics and most popular functions of the three different cobot brands in the French, Italian and Spanish institutions, partners in the project: Omron, Staubli and Universal Robots and proceeds to show the elements of cobot installation and set-up which the students as qualified technicians and engineers will be responsible for.

Xabier then proceed to show the material developed in Unit 2 of the Module. It covers the programming of the three cobots (Omron, Staubli and Universal Robots): their movements, routines, managing I/O (inputs and outputs), palletization and manipulating tools. It also covers the programming tasks to cover the main Industrial functions: selection, inspection, sorting, manipulation etc. for the most relevant industrial/general functions. Unit 3 of the Module covers the programming tasks of the Artificial Visioning (AV) Systems which permit each cobot brand to “see” and safely move around spaces and persons.

Xabier explained the participants the short video tutorials embedded in the ppts in units 2 and 3. Teachers can use those videos to show their students the practical steps and they can also adapt the ppts to the new functionalities that may be developed in the future. The ppts are living “documents”. The other videos developed are a more visual presentation of the ppts and video tutorials for any student, teacher or worker that wishes to learn about cobots and their related AV systems.

Xabier also presented The INCOBOTICS Best Practice Guide, which offers teachers using the INCOBOTICS Module with key methodological support. It offers challenges/projects for students around which to develop competence in cobotics. The Guide supports user staff in the understanding of Challenge Based Learning and how to adapt or develop challenges for students in their cobotics and other courses. Xabier showed the attendants how they could amplify, adapt or develop their own challenges for the Module using the Best Practice Guide supporting structure and materials.

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