QUAL4T2 third partner meeting

Quality assurance in teachers team is the building block for the cultivation of quality culture and eventually for improving quality in an education and training organisation. Qual4T2 project aims to support teachers teams in their effort to improve quality planning within their teams.

QUAL4T2 third project meeting took place at Politeknika Txorierri. In this meeting the members of the Steering board jointly discussed and agreed on the pilot version of Quality Guide and 17 Quality Tools, including lay-out, and agreed on the pilot materials and report to exploit and complete by each partners during the piloting.

The meeting was really demanding in terms of work and contribution by all participants, but the atmosphere, the respect and the active listening to the ideas of each other proved to be the keys of a successful and fruitful meeting.

You can access to the partners’  testimonials in this video:

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