Safety for Electricians

safety4elThe first Multiplier Event of the European Erasmus+ Safety4El (Safety for electricians), coordinated by Politeknika Txorieri, took place in Derio in October. 22 participants took part in the meeting. This participants where teachers, mainly of the Biscay region (17) and Gipuzkoa (3).

Anabel Menica presented the Safety4El project by introducing the aims, the partners, the expected impact of the project and the pilot products. She also showed the participants the web page of the project where the Training Courses will be available for free downloading.

There was a short break when the participants had the opportunity to network and share their impressions about the event so far.

After the break Jokin Goioaga presented the following to topics:

  • Practical cases to assess risks in the working environment.
  • The manual that describes how to use the materials available in Moodle:
    • The educational interactive resources.
    • Practical course with 270 test questions on occupational safety divided into 11 units on safety in general and in the field of electricity.

Throughout the presentations Jokin used and explained the operation of the web and the moodle where the material is available in Spanish and English among other languages.

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