Vision, Mission and Values


We’re the referral center of Biscay and Txorierri. The alliances and innovative projects provided by new methodologies facilitate and encourage personal and professional development.


Our mission is to offer specialised quality training to develop competent people who are able to adapt to a changing environment, while taking into account diversity and using innovative and collaborative learning methodologies.


  • Innovative: Because in the global world we have the ability to adapt to technological, social and environmental changes.
  • Unstoppable: Because we enjoy participating in projects that bring value into our school.
  • Accessible: Because we’re close to students, families and institutions. Because we focus on personal development and work through professional and academic orientation and tutoring.
  • Cooperatives: Because we promote democratic participation and transparency in all sectors.
  • Committed: Because we offer a responsible integrated public service and we are committed to the development of our environment (social, economic, cultural, linguistic, environmental…)