Vision, Mission and Values


To be a training school that is a reference point for companies and a leader in the comprehensive, on-going training of individuals by offering a quality public education based on co-operation, participation and personal autonomy, encouraging the development of technical and educationally innovative projects.


Politeknika Ikastegia Txorierri is a secondary and vocational training school co-operative that aims to serve companies and is committed to the comprehensive and on-going training of people. It promotes the development of technical and educationally innovative projects with a view to offering a quality public service that provides a reply to the training needs of our environment (youngsters, universities, institutions, …).

Our educational programme is carried out within an organisation based upon democratic participation that is responsible for all the learning community, using evaluation as a tool for continuous improvement.


  • Co-operation, democratic participation of all sectors and management transparency.
  • Educational and careers guidance that encourages pupils? comprehensive development and training.
  • A commitment to guide and help our pupils finding a place in the labour market.
  • An integrated public service that is committed to our social, economic, cultural and linguistic environment.
  • On-going training and technological-educational innovation to guarantee a person?s professional skills.
  • Autonomy within an environment of personal co-operation, respect and trust.
  • Evaluation with a view to improving all the school?s areas of activity.
  • Attention to diversity so as to be able to attain maximum deployment of individual skills.
  • Development and use of ICTs (Communication and Information Technologies) both for teaching and for management.