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Nature and industrial development.

Our school is in the Txorierri Valley, a valley that has a developing industrial fabric perfectly integrated within the natural surroundings that are characteristic of the valleys of our province.

The school is well located and very near to main roads, making it easily accessible. The proximity of the Bilbao-Santander main road and the Bilbao-Behobia motorway makes it extraordinarily easy to access any area of Bizkaia. The recently opened underground system and its connection to local trains also provides pupils with an alternative to the school’s own transport service.

The area known as Txorierri was historically considered as the area of land between the towns of Erandio and Larrabetzu. It has a population of around 47,000 people, located in the municipalities of Erandio, Loiu, Sondika, Derio, Zamudio, Lezama and Larrabetzu.

It was originally a very Basque-speaking and mainly rural community but, with the industrial development of the fifties, a large number of immigrants arrived, which had a direct influence on the drop in the number of Basque-speakers (approximately a 50% reduction).

The area?s easy airport access and proximity to the centre of Bilbao makes it ideal for industrial expansion, which has meant that in recent years industrial estates have been opened in Derio, Sondika, Zamudio, Larrabetzu, as well as the DENAK Business Centre, the Zamudio Technology Park, Elkartegi in Larrabetzu and BEAZ in Sondika.

The companies of the valley are mainly active in the following industries: die-making, equipment goods, electricity and electronics, telecommunications and new technology developments.

As for the valley’s educational possibilities, the close proximity of Bilbao means that there are many primary and secondary education private schools in the area which, together with the public schools, mean that what has been offered in vocational training has always been somewhat limited and almost exclusively provided by our school.

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